Does Remote Software Development Job Make Life So Easy?

There are a lot of tools available for controlling your remote team! To help you achieve a transparent, mutually beneficial co-working process, here are some tips:

1. Think about your goals. What do you hope to accomplish? What are your goals: cost reductions or more challenging tasks for your top minds? Could you possibly be working on a project with a deadline? Have you considered adding some features? Clearly define the scope of the task to be completed, while carefully evaluating the budget and the projected completion date.

2. Be sure that you choose the right service provider – you need a partner that is a good match for you. Please provide me with all the information I need. Is he knowledgeable and skilled enough for Remote software development jobs? What are your thoughts on the corporate culture and work approach of this company? Do you need to shift the offsite team’s working hours due to the time difference? Are you concerned about the lack of understanding and inadequate language skills? Are there several collaboration models available from the service provider? What is agile project methodology? Does the outsourcing company truly comprehend this method?

3. Ensure the provider is able to complete the work within your budget and timeline. The skills, level of responsibility, and commitment to quality of the provider will be evident at this stage, as well as credibility.

4. Service level agreements (SLA) and nondisclosure agreements (NDAs). Verify that the SLA is flexible enough so that changes and improvements can be made. Make sure that the SLA is recorded correctly.

5. In order to manage the outsourcing relationships effectively, you must assign a staff member to oversee the process. An outsourcing coordinator who works in your office is an option you can request from the service vendor.

6. Engage actively in the creation of the product backlog – highlight the most important issues you have; pick the project components you consider most important. In addition to participating in the selection of activities, you can also suggest new activities – if you so desire. Check all the necessary skills are possessed by the external developers involved in development.

7. The person responsible for coordinating the outsourcing process should devote a certain amount of time every day to answering all the questions relative to the project during the initial stage of the project. To monitor progress, the individual should use agile artifacts, such as the team’s burndown chart, to track the work. A flexible development process is made possible by avoiding misunderstandings.

8. Perform several online conferences before the end of the project, during which the offsite team will show you how early results of their work are progressing.

9. When you have completed the final tests, ensure that your outsourcing partner will be providing first-line support. Set up a time for the support team to be online, as well as how they will provide support.

It is certain that both sides will have to exert effort in the actions described. To ensure the job is done well and within budget, you should be actively involved. However, you will gain a lot of management experience eventually, and this will convince you, that it is worth your time to outsource efficiently and effectively!

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