25KVA Generator Fuel Consumption

There are numerous reasons why a power generator is required in business or home. Prior to taking a rental generator, we consider the size and intensity of the generator, given our need.

Today’s world it is common practice to use generators. In this blog we will talk about 25KVA generator.

When you think of getting a generator, first you will decide what size generator to take. If you have chosen a 25KVA generator considering your generator usage, then you should also know about its fuel consumption.

The fuel consumption of a generator depends on its technology and fuel type. First you have to know about 25KVA generator technology.

25KVA Generator Technology

  • Fuel System / Type – CRDI / HSD
  • Lube Oil Capacity (l) – 4.5
  • Rated Power (kW)- 31.4
  • Aspiration – TC-IC
  • Cooling Systems – Liquid Cooled
  • Cooling System Capacity (l) – 5.5
  • Engine Speed (rpm) – 3000
  • Governing – Electronic / Synchronous
  • No of Cylinders – 2
  • Bore / Stroke (mm) – 87 / 100
  • Displacement (l) – 1.2
  • Compression Ratio – 17.5 : 1
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (l) – Approx 75

25KVA Generator capable of providing reliable power supply to facilities of any complexity – both as the main and backup source of electricity.

You can make general idea of fuel consumption level of 25KVA generator by consulting the owner’s manual guide. Manufacturers usually rate generators at  hours per tank or gallon at a 1/2 load generator capacity. This should provide you with a baseline starting point. From there, you can figure out your specific needs keeping in mind that higher loads demand more fuel and lower loads use less fuel.

Approximate Fuel Consumption of 25KVA Generator:

The fuel consumption level of all 25KVA generators is different, depending on the type and engine. Here we are telling you an approximate value. When you buy a generator model, it is very important to know about its fuel consumption from the dealer.


¼ Load (liters/hr)


½ Load (liters/hr)


¾ Load (liters/hr)


Full Load (liters/hr)



25KVA Generator Feature:


As we as a whole realize diesel is considerably more conservative than petrol. This is the reason the running expense of 25KVA diesel generator set every hour is a lot lesser than that of a petroleum genset. There are likewise eco-friendly and can deliver more power per liter of diesel than the generators running on some other fuel.

Low Maintenance cost:

25KVA DG Sets ordinarily don’t have any sparkle connects their motor. In different sorts of generators, these are the parts that require customary upkeep and substitution of segments. The nonattendance of these in a 25KVA DG set implies that they require low upkeep and are incredibly tussled free. Consequently, by purchasing a 25KVA DG set you can save money on a great deal of upkeep costs.


The 25KVA generator sets are intended to be dependable. Their rough and solid plan makes them perfect for activity considerably under troublesome conditions, without requiring ordinary support.

You can choose a model contingent on your necessities and can then effectively get it from the market.

Low Noise:

25KVA generator sets are made insignificant noise. Generator fabricate spread the 25KVA generator by soundproof shelter, with assistance of covering we can diminish generator sound level. Their enclosures are attached to be soundproof and causes the least vibrations. This makes them condition agreeable and perfect for activity in local locations.

Here is the important point you’ll need to estimate fuel consumption demand:

  • What is the generator size?
  • At what load will the generator be operated?
  • How many hours will the generator be operate?



A power outage is a rare experience and is usually caused by unusual or irregular situations. This means backup power generator is important part of our life for living comfortable life. In this blog we are sharing fuel consumption of 25KVA generator and important point of 25KVA generator.

If you want to get generator on rent or buy a new generator you can contact our EO Energy team

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