Best Dreamcast Games

Best Dreamcast Games

Best Dreamcast Games: It may have been the last nail in Sega’s hardware-producing coffin, but the Dreamcast was an impressive console. Not only was it a relative powerhouse for its time, it also brought some of today’s staple console features to the masses, long before other companies followed suit. The Dreamcast was the first major console to include a modem as standard for online play, it introduced the intriguing, but never-really-properly-used VM memory units, microphone attachments for voice-controlled games and even high definition visuals via a special VGA box.

True, Sega had already treated its fan base badly with the likes of the poorly-received and supported Mega CD (Sega CD in the US) and debacle that was the 32X, but if not for past mistakes, the Dreamcast may well have been in its second, or even third incarnation about now, even with the PlayStation’s competition. With full customer loyalty behind it, who knows where the Dreamcast’s story would have taken us?

Best Dreamcast Games
Best Dreamcast Games

When looking back at the turn of the century, gamers often fondly remember consoles like the PlayStation 2, GameCube, and original Xbox, but it’s easy to forget another revolutionary system that helped shape the future of the medium: the Sega Dreamcast.

Best Sega Dreamcast Games


A successor to Soul Edge on the PlayStation and arcade, Soulcalibur is one of the most acclaimed fighting games of all time. With nearly 20 playable characters, the weapon-based fighting game was deep, replayable, and inspired a multiplayer community that remains strong today. Though the excellent create-a-character option wasn’t introduced to the series for a few more years, the Dreamcast’s Soulcalibur not only proved that the fighting genre had a home on the Dreamcast, but that is was also a far more capable platform for those games than systems like the PlayStation and Nintendo 64.


Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

The recently released Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite quite possibly killed the series for good, but it was at its absolute peak with Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes. Released in the arcade before coming to the Dreamcast, the game throws the most famous Marvel superheroes up against Capcom’s deep roster of characters from series like Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Mega Man, and Resident Evil. It isn’t the deepest roster ever, but the tag-team fighter had enough depth to make it a competitive staple. Unfortunately, the game is now extremely rare, selling for more than $50 used from third-party sellers.

Power Stone 2

Not every fighting game has to become an esport, and they don’t necessarily stick to the standard 2D, 1v1 framework established in Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Power Stone 2 is a 3D environment-focused multiplayer fighting game that lets players use objects they find to blast away at their opponents, and the emphasis is on all-out chaos over technical mastery. That makes it a great choice for parties, and its unique take on the genre even led to the spiritual successor LastFight being released in 2016.

Best Dreamcast Racing Games

Crazy Taxi

Everyone’s played this game, and with good reason. The controls are intuitive, the concept is creative and it’s welcoming to new players. The premise is you’re a Taxi driver that find and transport passengers as quickly as possible. Driving off-road is fully encouraged. You get cash and time bonuses based on performance and passengers will tip you for being crazy.

For the most part the Dreamcast version is a straight arcade port, but there are some extras. The most notable is the Crazy Box: A set of creative challenges geared toward subtly training you to get better at the game. Players that want to earn an S rank in Crazy Taxi are going to learn quick that it might be easy to play, but extremely hard to master. While this game has been ported to many other consoles, there’s always some form of inconsistency that leaves the Dreamcast version as the fan favorite.

Best Dreamcast Racing Games
Best Dreamcast Racing Games

18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker

Most of Sega’s racing games are quite deep. 18 Wheeler is more on the laid back side. It’s a game driven a bit more by its novelty and presentation than speed. You race a big rig down several highways while being hounded by a psycho rival. Your rival is prone to running you off the road and damaging your cargo, which will reduce your score. The game is actually pretty tough but you’re allowed to retry each stage until you advance. This is a level of lenience very uncommon in a Sega racer.

Daytona USA 2001

This is arguably the best version of Daytona USA available. There are more tracks, vehicles, modes and customization options than any other version of the game. Fans of the Saturn version claimed the physics of the Dreamcast version were not authentic to the arcade original. This is a completely uninformed opinion, largely fueled by how much more difficult both the Dreamcast and original arcade game are compared to the more common Saturn version. Daytona USA on the Saturn was a highly simplified version of the game as it lacked analog control of any kind.

Best Selling Dreamcast Games

The Dreamcast launched 19 years ago in Japan on November 27, 1998. The console sold 8.20 million units lifetime. Breaking it down by region, it sold 3.90 million units in North America, 1.91 million units in Europe and 2.25 million units in Japan. Rest of the world accounted for just 0.14 million units.

Best Games For Sega Dreamcast

  1. Sonic Adventure – 2.42 Million
  2. Crazy Taxi – 1.81 Million
  3.  NFL 2K – 1.20 Million
  4. Shenmue – 1.18 Million
  5. Resident Evil – Code: Veronica – 1.14 Million
  6. NFL 2K1 – 1.09 Million
  7. Seaman – 0.52 Million
  8. Sega Rally Championship 2 – 0.41 million
  9. Virtua Fighter 3tb – 0.37 million
  10. J-League Pro Soccer Club – 0.36 Million
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