Top Best Fallout 4 Weapons

Fallout 4 Weapons

Unlike previous installments, Fallout 4 weapons fall under three classifications: normal, legendary, and unique. Normal weapons have no special statistics on them whatsoever. Legendary weapons come with random bonuses applied to them, and are only dropped by legendary enemies. Unique weapons are weapons that are already named and will always retain the same special bonus. Uniques are typically either bought from merchants or are quest rewards. Normal and legendary weapons will change their name when mods are applied, unique weapons will not.

In the following descriptions, the statistics that are shown while playing the game will be referred to as in-game numbers, while the numbers used by the game’s code will be referenced as internal numbers. Internal numbers can only be gathered through game editor or console use.

Fallout 4 Weapons
Fallout 4 Weapons

Accuracy (Icon spread)

This is the Accuracy stat displayed in-game, which is derived from the internal game numbers for projectile deflection angles in an unknown way. See Spread for details on the internal measurements.

Action Point cost (Icon action)

The number of Action Points used per activation in V.A.T.S. Generally, this is a one shot equivalent for semi-automatic weapons, but automatic weapons may fire several rounds.

Ammunition used (Icon ammo)

The type of ammunition the weapon uses. This may be changed by the use of receiver mods.
Armor piercing: The amount of the target’s damage resistance the weapon ignores. Also known as armor penetration.

Bash damage

This is the amount of damage a projectile weapon does when used as a melee weapon.
Critical hit Damage (Icon critical damage): Most unmodified weapons that achieve a critical hit adds twice the base amount of damage to the hit. The more specialized Sneak Attack Critical deals twice the damage of a common critical strike.

Fallout 4 Best Weapons


10-millimeter ammo is everywhere, and this suppressed pistol is one of the best uses for it. The increased accuracy and more efficient use of AP means it’s great in VATS, especially if you’re orienting your perks toward that. The suppressor is also a nice bonus if you like to be sneaky.

Overseer’S Guardian

If you like rifles, then you want the Overseer’s Guardian. Every shot fired is actually two bullets for the price of one. Since it’s an otherwise normal, fully-moddable short-barreled combat rifle you can trick it out to do an absurd amount of damage. Invest in the Gun Nut and Rifleman perks and this gun can take out nearly anything in the Commonwealth in one shot.

Big Boy

It’s just like a regular Fat Man personal nuclear warhead launcher, but it launches two nukes at once. Best of all, it only spends one precious warhead to do so. Warheads are rare and expensive, so more literal bang for your buck is a great deal. One tip for collecting more is if super mutant suicide bombers are charging at you, aim for their heads, rather than their bombs.

Spray N’ Pray

This weapon comes with its operating instructions included right in its name. This .45 mm sub-machine gun comes tricked out with all sorts of advanced mods, including a suppressor, and is fully customizable to suite your taste, if so inclined. The special sauce that really sets it apart is that it makes all of its ammo explosive, causing 15 area-of-effect damage with every hit. This can be increased to do more damage with the Demolition Expert perk. Be careful, though, since in close quarters the explosions can do friendly fire to you or your companions.

Fallout 4 Best Weapons
Fallout 4 Best Weapons

Kiloton Radium Rifle (Far Harbor)

This unique, semi-automatic rifle delivers a one-two-three punch of accurate rounds, radiation damage over time, and an added explosion on hit that does 15 splash damage to nearby enemies — just like one of our other favorites, the Spray n’ Pray. The rifle is also fully moddable, meaning that it can be one of your best ranged weapons with a few investments.

Fallout 4 Unique Weapons

Final Judgement

A powerful gatling laser weapon utilizing fusion cores, this weapon deals out 26 hits of damage in the game. Not only is the weapon’s ammo type unique and its reload speed and fire rate speed faster than other weapons in its class, but it’s a rare find in the Brotherhood of Steel mythos.


A powerful minigun weapon mod, the weapon deals out 8 hits of damage using 5mm rounds. This is a weapon that can be found in the town of Goodneighbor, near the large settlement of Diamond City. You can get this after The Big Dig quest. Talking to Hancock’s bodyguard Fahrenheit, players will either convince her to give it to you as a reward for either taking out Bobbi No-Nose or getting her to leave peacefully, or by ending Fahrenheit yourself.

Wazer Wifle

This weapon (that sounds like it was named by a child) is a reward for completing three unmarked tasks for the synthetic child version of your son Shaun.

Virgil’s Rifle

This special weapon deals out 33 hits of damage using energy cell ammo rounds, but that’s not the most interesting or difficult part of the weapon. You see in order to obtain it, you have to take a dark path with the character Virgil, the former Institute scientist turned super mutant looking for a cure. In this quest you can either recover the serum to cure him inside the Institute, ignore his request and leave him a super mutant, or worse of all you can get the serum but lie to him about recovering it, convincing him he’s stuck like that forever, which will cause him to end it all. Upon his demise, you can grab his rifle in his home in the Glowing Sea.

Survivor’s Special

Dealing 42 hits of damage using energy cell ammo rounds, this weapon among the spoils for completing Brotherhood of Steel quests. Sent out to determine the fate of a lost patrol by Paladin Danse, this mission can be completed whether or not you stay affiliated with the Brotherhood of Steel.

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