How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones with TV?

To connect your wireless Bluetooth headphones to the TV, you can use streaming boxes such as Apple TV or the Amazon Fire TV stick. The connection also works with Smart TV devices with Android software. We’ll tell you exactly how this works and what alternative there is.

Because they are wireless, Bluetooth headphones give you significantly more freedom of movement when listening to music and watching TV. But not all televisions can be connected to these devices. Why is that? Bluetooth was initially only intended for data transmission, but not for audio transmission. Many Smart TV manufacturers also have no transmitter built into their devices that can receive Bluetooth. However, this does not mean that a connection between wireless headphones and televisions is impossible.

Pair headphones with TV using Amazon Fire TV

If you have an Amazon Fire TV box or an Amazon Fire TV stick, you can use it to connect headphones and TV. The way to do this is the same for both devices: Open the settings and there the menu item “Game controllers and Bluetooth devices”. Select “Other Bluetooth Devices” and choose the “Add Bluetooth Device” option. Then you only have to activate the pairing mode on your wireless headphones – this is usually done via a connection button. TV and headphones should then connect automatically.

How it works with Apple TV

You can also quickly and easily connect the Apple TV streaming box to the headphones: press the connect button on your headphones and open the settings of your Apple TV on the television. Follow the path “Settings | Remote controls and devices Bluetooth “. You should then be able to select the earphones and connect them to the TV.


How it works on Android TV

If you have a TV with an Android operating system, you can also connect Bluetooth headphones: As always, you must first press the connection button on the earphones. Then you only need to switch to the settings of your Android TV, go to the “Bluetooth” item and select your headphones as soon as they are visible. The connection should then be established.

What about consoles?

If you want to use a console instead of a streaming box, please note the following: Not all Bluetooth headphones can be connected to the TV via the PlayStation 4, for example. Xbox One does not support this option at all.

A practical option in this case are headphones with cables that can be plugged into some game controllers. On the PS4, for example, you only have to follow the path “Settings – Devices – Audio Devices” and select the item “Output via headphones” so that you can hear sound while playing.

The alternative: Bluetooth transmitter

If you don’t have a Smart TV with Bluetooth functionality, you still don’t have to do without your wireless headphones. The solution is so-called transmitters: The small devices work as a transmitter between headphones and television and thus establish the desired connection. In most cases, the small gadgets are plugged into the AUX or audio output of the TV. After that you only have to start the two devices (headphones & TV) to establish a connection. If this was successful, an LED lamp on the headphones should light up constantly. This is also the case with some transmitters. The advantage: The best Bluetooth transmitters are available for little money and can even be used to connect two Bluetooth headphones.

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